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Laws of Learning

Lets take a look at the laws of learning. While this was written for flight instructors, beginning students may find it of interest as well. If both the instructor, and student are on the same page, greater communication can occur, and the instructor can tailor a lessen more appropriately. For example, if the instructor knows what is intense to a student, or if the student is not ready to learn, he will tailor his lesson plan appropriately. Otherwise, the instructor is left to his own, to try and analyze the student, and in most cases, we do a pretty good job, but can be fooled occasionally.

The other thing is that for some newbie instructors, educational psychology is something learned to pass the written exam, and then it is soon forgotten. If used effectively, it is a wonderful tool to foster increased learning on the part of your students. Since every FIRC I have taken since 1993 emphasizes it, as well as a number of grey beard instructors I have worked with, or worked for, it is best not forgotten, although for some instructors, it comes automatically.

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