必威首次提款MasTec收购了INTREN, LLC(美国最大的私营能源分销承包商之一),扩大了电力分销业务


佛罗里达州科勒尔盖布尔斯 2021年5月5日/价值/—— 必威首次提款MasTec公司。(纽约证券交易所代码:MTZ)今天宣布收购 INTREN,有限责任公司(“ INTREN”)。 INTREN是一个主要的公用事业专业承包商,主要为各种多年硕士服务协议提供电配电网络服务,以至于国家最大的公用事业,市政当局和合作社。 INTREN总部位于 联盟,伊利诺伊州拥有约2000名员工,在14个州提供服务 美国

的事务, 必威首次提款 获得公司的全部股权 INTREN大约 4.2亿美元现金加上2021年底前的或有盈利。在关闭, INTREN预计会有大约 1亿美元在有形的净值。收购将由其资助 必威首次提款 的现金储备和现有的高级担保信贷安排,并须按惯常的收购价格调整。

该公司于1988年由一位女性创始人创立, INTREN在过去的10年里表现出了显著的增长,年复合收入增长率为23%。在过去12个月期间结束 2021年3月 INTREN生成的约 5.5亿美元超过90%的收入来自多重主服务协议,息税前利润达到两位数。 必威首次提款 预计该交易将增加其2021年和2022年的收入,并将提供更多的细节 INTREN在公司即将召开的第一季度财报电话会议上 2021年5月7日,

必威首次提款 他说:“我们非常高兴地补充 INTREN 必威首次提款 并在电力配电业务上大幅扩大我们的影响力。我们相信,电网现代化和硬化导致的配电需求变化,加上向电动汽车使用增加的过渡,将对电力的最后一英里分布产生巨大的影响。收购 INTREN代表主要的扩展 必威首次提款 在这个高增长的市场中,苹果的业务处于最前沿。”

马斯先生补充说:“我跟着 INTREN的多年来的紧密增长。作为国内最大的公用事业专业承包商,我一直对其质量印象深刻 INTREN的管理和企业家精神。我们预计未来几年收入将继续增长 INTREN继续支持国家关键分销网络的扩张。”

INTREN 必威首次提款 具有相同的质量文化,安全,创新和包容性,强调我们的创始人相信的价值观,包括努力工作,致力于客户服务和雇员赋权,“ 多Sherina爱德华兹公司总裁兼首席执行官 INTREN.成为……的一部分 必威首次提款 意味着 INTREN不仅能拓展我们现在正在做的工作,还能拓展到新的市场,更好地为我们的客户提供服务。”

必威首次提款MasTec公司。是一家领先的基础设施建设公司,主要经营 北美横跨一系列行业。公司的主要活动包括通信、能源和公用事业和其他基础设施的工程、建造、安装、维护和升级,如:无线、有线/光纤和客户履行活动;石油和天然气管道基础设施;公用事业输配电;发电;重型民用和工业基础设施。 必威首次提款MasTec的客户主要集中在这些行业。本公司的网站位于www.必威首次提款mastec.com.公司网站应被视为公认的分销渠道,公司可定期在投资者部分的活动和演示页面上发布有关合同、奖励或其他相关新闻和网络广播的重要或补充信息。必威账户提款

本新闻稿包含私营证券诉讼改革法案的含义内的前瞻性陈述。这些陈述基于目前可用的经营,财务,经济等信息,并受到许多重大风险和不确定性的影响。许多因素,其中许多因素超出了我们的控制,可能导致实际的未来结果与前瞻性陈述中预测的那些重大不同。可能导致这种差异的具体因素包括但不限于:与健康流行病和流行病的不利影响或传染病的其他爆发有关的风险,例如Covid-19大流行;与已完成或潜在收购相关的风险,包括我们确定适当的收购或战略投资机会的能力,以在预期的时间范围内整合收购的业务,并在包括所预期的水平的此类收购中获得收入,成本储蓄和收益水平,包括潜在资产减值收费的风险和善意的缩减;市场状况,技术发展,监管或政策变化,包括影响美国或客户行业的允许进程和税收激励;联邦,地方,国家,外国或税收立法的影响以及影响行业的其他法规和相关项目和支出;由于其他事项,经济条件,包括公共卫生问题的潜在不利影响,包括冠心病爆发的经济活动,因此,我们的客户对资本支出金额的需求的影响融资成本,以及我们服务的行业的客户合并; activity in the industries we serve and the impact on our customers' expenditure levels caused by fluctuations in commodity prices, including for oil, natural gas, electricity and other energy sources; our ability to manage projects effectively and in accordance with our estimates, as well as our ability to accurately estimate the costs associated with our fixed price and other contracts, including any material changes in estimates for completion of projects and estimates of the recoverability of change orders; the timing and extent of fluctuations in operational, geographic and weather factors affecting our customers, projects and the industries in which we operate; the highly competitive nature of our industry and the ability of our customers, including our largest customers, to terminate or reduce the amount of work, or in some cases, the prices paid for services, on short or no notice under our contracts, and/or customer disputes related to our performance of services and the resolution of unapproved change orders; our dependence on a limited number of customers and our ability to replace non-recurring projects with new projects; the effect of state and federal regulatory initiatives, including costs of compliance with existing and potential future safety and environmental requirements, including with respect to climate change; risks associated with potential environmental issues and other hazards from our operations; disputes with, or failures of, our subcontractors to deliver agreed-upon supplies or services in a timely fashion, and the risk of being required to pay our subcontractors even if our customers do not pay us; risks related to our strategic arrangements, including our equity investments; any exposure resulting from system or information technology interruptions or data security breaches; any material changes in estimates for legal costs or case settlements or adverse determinations on any claim, lawsuit or proceeding; the adequacy of our insurance, legal and other reserves; the outcome of our plans for future operations, growth and services, including business development efforts, backlog, acquisitions and dispositions; our ability to maintain a workforce based upon current and anticipated workloads; our ability to attract and retain qualified personnel, key management and skilled employees, including from acquired businesses, and our ability to enforce any noncompetition agreements; fluctuations in fuel, maintenance, materials, labor and other costs; risks associated with volatility of our stock price or any dilution or stock price volatility that shareholders may experience in connection with shares we may issue as consideration for earn-out obligations or as purchase consideration in connection with past or future acquisitions, or as a result of other stock issuances; restrictions imposed by our credit facility, senior notes and any future loans or securities; our ability to obtain performance and surety bonds; risks related to our operations that employ a unionized workforce, including labor availability, productivity and relations, as well as risks associated with multiemployer union pension plans, including underfunding and withdrawal liabilities; risks associated with operating in or expanding into additional international markets, including risks from fluctuations in foreign currencies, foreign labor and general business conditions and risks from failure to comply with laws applicable to our foreign activities and/or governmental policy uncertainty; a small number of our existing shareholders have the ability to influence major corporate decisions; as well as other risks detailed in our filings with the 证券交易委员会.我们相信这些前瞻性陈述是合理的;但是,您不应依赖于任何前瞻性陈述,这是基于当前期望的。此外,前瞻性陈述仅截至他们所做的日期。如果这些风险或不确定因素的重要性,或者我们的任何潜在的假设不正确,我们的实际结果可能会显着不同,我们表达或暗示的任何前瞻性陈述。我们的文件中详细说明了这些和其他风险 证券交易委员会.除适用法律规定外,我们不承担在本新闻稿发布日后公开更新或修订这些前瞻性声明以反映未来事件或情况的义务。我们用这些警示因素来限定我们的任何和所有前瞻性陈述。



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