Skill vs Judgement

If I look back to the day I got my private pilots certificate over 20 years ago, I don’t think I was ever as technically proficient. Sure, I couldn’t do the commercial manuevers, or shoot an ILS to ATP standards, but my precision, and finesse in take offs and landings was never better. It was the same with straight and level. I could hold +/-10 feet for extended periods, and it was rare I would deviate much more than +/-50 feet. Of course at the time, I was shooting about 50 landings/week, and my goal was formation flying, so I worked for precision. My judgement at that time, well thats another story.

I often wondered why private and commercial pilots had to jump hoops in order to fly a specific aircraft with insurance whereas the CFI would only need a cursory checkout to teach in such a plane. This excludes of course multi-engine aircraft where we need 5 hours in type. I think its the judgement issue.

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Flight School / Ground School, which one comes first

In the ideal world, flight training would occur shortly after a relevant ground school session. Its pretty difficult to jump into an airplane and learn to fly, unless you know what some of the parts of the airplane are, and the names of the controls. While your flight instructor will go over the material with you right before your flight, there is little time for you to digest the information.

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An introduction to

In most cases, ground school ends up being a set of video tapes, computer aided instruction, and book study. For a lot of people, such a format works quite well, but it can fall short, as questions go unanswered, and some times no matter how much study, some concepts are still hard to understand.This is especially the case for the instrument, commercial, and fundamentals on instruction written exams as formal ground school programs in a class room setting are not very common. intends to fill this void via 1:1 instruction across the internet. In other words, a virtual, almost on demand, personal flight instructor.
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