Pilot Decision Making Jet Blue 292

Aviation decision making and judgement are tough subjects to teach. There is a disconnect between academic knowledge, monday morning quarterbacking, and decisions made in real time. Scenario based training (FITS) is probably a good compromise, but it still lacks the real time psychological issues that dealing with an inflight problem present.

 Thus ASRS reports, and local reviews of accidents and incidents and Wings seminars do provide significant value. Otoh, they are filtered, partically do to time issues, and partially due to the need to be politically correct. Cockpit voice recordings otoh can be incredible tools for teaching, but it is rare for them to enter the public domain.

 While researching existing aviation podcasts this morning, I came across an excellent one from Fly with me . It includes the Jet Blue 292 nose gear incident from Sept 2005, and has actual recordings of the pilot discussion the problem with maintenance. Its an excellent demonstration of using available resources, and the decision making aspects of the pilot in command.

 The podcast is available at http://flywithme.podshow.com/?p=17

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