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Private Pilot Short Seminars

Recurrecny training is difficult for most pilots once they have earned their certificate. This is especially true for the ground school subjects, as for all too many people, they appear boring, and for some pilots lack relevance.

One of the things I’ve done in the past is provided short seminars at nights, or for the truely diehard individuals, in the early morning hours. Their is nothing like holding a ground school class at 5:30AM to judge the commitment levels of ones students! Surprisingly, I’ve had decent attendence.

The key is to make this sessions interactive, and fun…. We all know that the FAR’s can be pretty boring. One of the things I will do is research some of the latest aviation case law articles from John Yodice. Court cases do interest the public, and when you can tie case law to real life pilot operations, FAR discussions can become quite interesting.

Weather is another area that requires review. One of the things I’ve found useful for preparing curriculum is Skywarn training. While the concentration in skywarn is severe weather, the graphics, and additional weather resources presented in Skywarn create an emotional connection with pilots. Perhaps this is greater in my locale due to the frequency of severe weather, or it may just be the intensity of the subject area.

Additional subject areas for short seminars are cross country planning, transision to glass cockpits, GPS specific training, and medical issues for pilots. In the future, I’m planning on adding some course material specific to experimental aircraft, light sport aircraft, avionics, and maintenance.

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