Flight Instruction for Kids

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the title as an eye catcher. As most seasoned CFI’s will state, they take a dim view of offering flight instruction, until a student has the mental capability to understand the immense responsibility of being a pilot. By the same token, we also like to foster an interest in aviation amongst the young.

This year at Airventure, KidVenture will provide an oppurtunity for kids to log time under the guidance of a CFI using a ATD simulator from ASA . I emailed John Teipan earlier this week, as I had serious concerns about this activity. He allayed my fears, and as such, It looks like I will probably be one of the instructors at Kidventure. 

 From the EAA press release: Young visitors to the “My First Logbook” booth will receive an endorsement from an FAA certified flight instructor for the time logged on the training device. This will count towards their Private Pilot airplane certificate. The instruction provided will cover introduction to the “basic six” instruments, how a pilot reads these instruments, and flight with reference to those instruments only.

 For further information check out the full release at NAFI

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