Why should we look at educational psychology

Education psychology is in a continual state of flux, and unfortunately, much of it remains in the ivory tower only to be shared amongst a tiny few in the educational community. These leaves the lone CFI to rely on his own personal experinece, and the availability of preplanned curricula. Unfortunately, we often times get left behind when it comes to instructional techniques and processes to foster better efficiency in learning. Granted, our 2 year FIRCs are as a rule pretty decent, but they put a lot of focus on subject material, rather than the higher level issues of educational psychology, and often times end up a being a review of the Flight Instructions Handbook on ed psych.

The other issue is one of highly constrained resources in education. The average professional educator is often time more cost and time constrained than a freelance flight instructor or one working for a small FBO. Ok, now that the rocks have been thrown, I too will admit teaching for a total wage of $0.50/hour when all was said and done. The advantage we have, is that if we provide a better training experience, our feedback loop is small enough, that it will equate to more money in our pocket, unlike other professional educators. This hit home when a student gave me a $100 tip for his oral test prep session. Improving your educational effectiveness will affect your bottom line. Using educational psychology is one of many tools to improve your effectiveness.

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