TSA Recurrent Security Awareness Training Exemption

The TSA’s Recurrent Security Awareness Training Exemption full text is available at http://www.tsa.gov/interweb/assetlibrary/Exemption_FSSA_re-current.pdf

Everyone mentions the 18 month term, instead of the 12 month rule, but its always good to get an official notice. Of course, this still leaves the actual training up in the air.

TSA guidance outlines a four-part program of recurrent training, which must include review and documentation of the following:
1. Any new security measures or procedures implemented.
2. Any security incidents at the flight school or airport, and any lessons learned as a result of such incidents.
3. Any new threats posed by, or incidents involving, general aviation aircraft contained on the TSA Web site.
4. Any new TSA guidelines or recommendations concerning the security of general aviation aircraft, airports, or flight schools.

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