Blair, WI airport 5E6

Blair WI airport 5E6 is where I experienced my first flight in a small plane at age 14. Little did I know that years later I would earn my flight instructors certificate.

Its an interesting field, years back, night operations were done via lining up with vehicle security lights, followed by the placement of spherical road flares along the runway. Fortunatly in the late 80’s/early 90’s pilot controlled lighting was added.

Current DOT stats put the operations at 75/month with 56% of those operatoins as transient aircraft. There are 2 aircraft on the field.

Unfortunately, the city does not own the land, and it leases it, and the landownder is asking for a rent increase. While it might be justifiable, as it hasn’t changed in years, the city has decided to no longer make its lease payment nor continue to insure the airport. Thus its future is uncertain.

Its hard to justify the economic value created by grass strips, unless there is a known corporate presence, either by transient aircraft, or business aircraft on the field. Considering the city’s infrastructure costs, it is understandable that they would really wonder if its worthwhile to continue with 5E6 as a public airport.

It may be time to give


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