Glass Cockpits

I got some cockpit time a couple days ago though. It was truely amazing, but with one caveat. Their is a real tendency to keep ones head in the cockpit instead of looking outside. A second issue is its an easy airplane to get behind in. When we were leaving I made the remark that without significant ground training, one is going to be 60 miles behind the plane for the first 3 days of operation.

[%image(20051119-cirrus.jpg|640|480|Glass Cockpit)%]

Its cool for sure, and fast, and really well though out. But for $450,000 is should be. The weeping wing, composite construction, dual alternators, ballistic recovery parachute, glass cockpit, side stick, and satellite datalink make this one cool plane.

I would think this is the type of AC that one needs to fly weekly, or at a minimum once a month. Unlike other equipment where you can easily jump in and be familiar even aftet an extended abscence, this is a different deal entirely.

Otoh, for the guy who travels by air a great deal, the high level of automation, the speed, and comfort make this an ideal aircraft. (And of course, I’ve only had a little bit of cockpit time), so I’m not the best judge, but I will say it was intimidating. I like my steam gauges!

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